EuroAir- climate technic

Balanced EuroAir ventilation units with heat recovery, filter boxes and air purifiers and our new ionisation technology ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment. Trough intelligent digital control systems which are delivered standard with the products enable optimum energy savings and multiple applications to be achieved. Our operating systems can also be connected to building management systems via modbus. With our new web controller the devices can be controlled and monitored with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Roof drainage systems of zinc – copper – lead

  • Standard half round and box gutters
  • Standard rainwater drains
  • Custom gutters and rainwater drains
  • Zinc seam/panel systems for roof and façade
  • Batten seam system for roof

Wall covering with diverse sheetsystems

  • Fascia coating with zinc, plastisol or aluminum (powder coating)
  • Aluminum roof caps (powder coating)
  • Aluminum wall caps (powder coating)
  • Aluminum weather cornices and weatherings

Substructures for solar panels

  • Adjustable triangles
  • Solid triangles
  • East-West systems
  • Solar ramps
  • Aluminum mounting profiles
  • Low ballast systeems
  • Clamps
  • Stainless steel roof hooks